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The Southall Story Exhibition – available for touring

| March 29th, 2012 | No Comments »

After it’s enormous success at The British Library, The Southbank Centre and The Dominion Centre, the Exhibition is available for touring Nationally as well as Internationally…

The Southall Story Exhibition from Keda on Vimeo.

The Video shows footage and stills of the recent showing at The Southbank Centre London. Camera by Shahmim, Directed by Shakila Maan, Edited by Corin Stone, Stills by Ammy Phull.

You may also find their other blogs interesting….




And don’t forget the Southall Story exhibition in the Spirit Level is open until 11th May.

Southall Story Exhibition moves to Dominion Centre May 2011

| May 11th, 2011 | No Comments »


Following it’s major showing at the South Bank Centre The Southall Story Exhibition moved to the Dominion Centre in Southall in May 2011.

The Southall Story celebrates a vibrant British suburb and aims to create a broader awareness of its diversity and global cultural significance.

Opening Sunday 22nd May at 3pm at The Dominion Centre, 112 The Green, Southall, UB2 4BQ

Live music and refreshments

Exhibition continues 23 May to 1st July

Free Entry

My Time Tunnel…

| January 23rd, 2010 | No Comments »

Sometime back in the late seventies I attended a meeting of very individual individuals. It was Art School and it was fun. Five of us spent about three hours studying a chair. The issue was; what exactly is a chair? The other four had some notions and were reasonably certain. I was the sceptic.

Nevertheless, we really did sort out this “chair” thing. It was an important moment and I can assure you that all present were sober and without any chemical or other encouragement. And as far as I can ascertain: sane. A further two hours later, with heated, interesting conversation and some debate, we all agreed. We were in sync and were friends.

I walked out with a smile. I was an existentialist. The icing on this cake was that I could spell it correctly. What is surprising is that thirty years down the line, I still can. (Sorry Spell-Check).

Sometimes, even with the everyday things: it is good to know. And this is where The Southall Story comes in.

I do not need to bore you with the problems of… ‘Modern life.’ I am sure that you are all experts.

As time passes by (sometimes, it gallops by and you wonder why you are staring at it’s slipstream). At times, we all forget. Sometimes we put things away. It is all part of life, our lives.

The worrying aspect of modern life is when we encounter that feeling of emptiness; of a void, of something missing, it is all too easy to “hit the bottle” or indulge in other unsafe practices.

Even easier: buy something! Some call this retail ‘therapy.’ Doing what I do, I would be a little concerned about the use of the word ‘therapy.’ Often, it is all too convenient to define ourselves by what we buy. Also in this dismal league is a person being defined by ones job or employment.

Where is The I, or The Me in this??

The Southall Story is a concoction that contains no alcohol, chemicals, additives, or any unnatural elements. What you will find is an abundance of added colour and a lot more.

See it as a wake-up call. Perhaps, a first step on the ladder out of that inevitable pit. In case you are wondering: as I write this, yes, I am on my comfortable chair…

Ammy Phull

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